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  • Is there a hair strainer included with my drain?
    Yes! Every Serenity™ drain sold includes a removable hair catcher for easy cleaning.
  • Are these drains CSA Certified?
    All Serenity™ products are cCSAus Certified and meet NPC, UPC, IPC and IRC requirements.
  • How do I know which underbody to order with my drain?
    Depending on the installation we offer PVC, ABS and Cast Brass underbodies to cover all application scenarios. We suggest you check with your installer on their underbodypreference.
  • How do I know the drain I’ve chosen will fit my acrylic shower pan?
    We suggest using our Serenity™ models BCS.100 and BCS.150 trim tops for preformed shower bases.
  • How do you install a waterproofing membrane with these drains?
    Our BCS.30, BCS.36, BCS.40, BCS.42, BCS.50 and BCS.52 underbodies for tiled shower bases all ship with a reversible membrane clamp.
  • Which cleaner do you recommend that I use on my Serenity™ Shower Drain?
    We recommend any standard residential foam cleaner for the shower drain. Please avoid abrasive cleaners.
  • Can I customize the finish of my Serenity™ Shower Drain?
    Yes, click here to review our Serenity™ Split Finish options. If the option you are looking for is not listed, please contact us at for more options!
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