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MAP Policy

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy

OS&B® has incorporated the below Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy effective for its Serenity™ brand of products sold in North America and enforceable for all Serenity™ resellers including, but not limited to, wholesalers, showrooms, dealers, boutiques, online resellers and distributors.  


The minimum advertised price for all Serenity™ products is 30% off the current year list price.

While all resellers are free to sell Serenity™ products at any price they deem appropriate, it is in direct violation of the Serenity™ MAP policy to advertise in print, radio, media or social media platforms pricing below the minimum suggested price noted above. 

Offering coupons, discounts or rebates resulting in an advertised price lower than the MAP, including through a use of a storewide sale, promotional code, or other similar provision that can be applied to MAP Covered Products is also a violation of this MAP Policy.

This MAP Policy is not negotiable.  OS&B® alone will implement, interpret and enforce this MAP Policy at its sole direction and independent judgement. 

Failure to comply with the Serenity™ MAP policy will result in a written warning. 

OS&B® reserves the right to discontinue sale of any Serenity™ branded product to any offender continuing to be in violation of the Serenity™ MAP policy and demonstrating an unwillingness or inability to be in compliance. 


Please ensure that all appropriate personnel within your organization are aware of and receive a copy of the Serenity™ MAP policy.  


OS&B® reserves the right to amend, modify or discontinue the Serenity™ MAP Policy at any time, and will notify resellers of any such amendment, modification or discontinuation.  


Contact us by calling 1 (877) 314-6040, e-mailing, or writing to: 


Serenity™ Drain - MAP Policy

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